Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Well, you Kuching-ites must be a loaded lot, or you're all comfortably employed, coz none of y'all responded to my call for slaves.

Anyway, its erection election time again here in Sarawak. Which reminds me of that song that's been around since the time of Noah and his funky Ark

Marilah mari
Pergi Mengundi
Jangan lupa kewajipan
Pada Barisan Nasional

Its been some time since I heard that tune, so my lyrics might be wrong, especially towards the end.

Now WOULD'NT IT BE GREAT if someone actually had a CLIP of that song??? MP3, wav, WMA...come on..BRING IT ON!!!


Wednesday, April 12, 2006



I need a recent graduate in Economics/International Trade/International Business to work with me on contract basis.


Degree in any of the above disciplines; law graduates are also welcome
Extremely internet savvy - google and web search skills will be main selection criteria after academic qualification
Able to work in extremely stressful environments and tight deadlines
Able to think and work independently

If you think you can cut it, email me at dark_vienna at yahooo dott comm

thank you


Sunday, April 09, 2006


I have installed a land line to my house, and now we have streamyx (Yay!/big fucking deal...)
I made my home a wi-fi zone (wooooh!/show off!)
My work took me to a very scary part of Indonesia
I played golf for the first time in 2 and a half years, and still had an earful thrown at me
George Bush is still the most powerful idiot in the world
I stopped writing music reviews for the local paper
The paper has since been extinguished from existence (not that the two are related)
Another, crappier paper has since been in the market
I'm contemplating writing again, but time is not my friend these days
My best friend flew over from KL
I advised him to break off his engagement to that bitch
I have a new business in the side
I broke my mom's heart
Our car was vandalized
Mom's okay now, but I'm still kicking myself over it



Wednesday, January 25, 2006


The current debate about one’s constitutional rights and the supposed bossing around by folks of one religion over others is just something that’s been bubbling under the surface since the revered dude shouted “Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!” back in the days when they didn’t have colour television or microwave meals. In fact, I was told by a very elderly gentleman once that in those monochrome ages, if one wanted to eat one had to actually get married and make his wife cook for him. I was born in the wrong age, surely.
First there was the issue of a national hero like character who supposedly converted to Islam without telling his wife, who swears he’s been practicing Hinduism right to the moment his soul departed his body (how, that depends on which religion you subscribe to). Then nine ministers wrote a ‘Dear Dol’ letter to the PM, which they subsequently withdrew and tucked up their one way canal. In the meantime, everyone is wondering what the heck is Section 121(A) of the Federal Constitution, while those born after 1980 is wondering what the heck is a Federal Constitution in the first place. Some remarked aloud that it must be a national body that oversees convicts involved in prison-cell prostitution.
Flying home from a shithole-town on Tuesday, I passed by the Immigration desk and noticed an immigration officer holding up a fresh new copy of the LAWS OF MALAYSIA , FEDERAL CONSTITUTION (WITH INDEX). He must be reading a particularly difficult section of the constitution. His face was contorted like a bad case of holding a fart while on a live TV show .
Wow, so now everyone’s a lawyer. I bet the fed cons books are just flying out the shelves at all bookstores this past week. This is worrying. I hope we can all just sweep all the problems under the carpet and hope it stays there. At least until the next century when we’re all dead.
The law is an ass, one learned judge has remarked. Or was it one of America’s founding fathers who said that? No, I don’t mean Zheng He. I’m talking about the dudes with the frilly collars and tight pants who flies kites and performs secret Masonic rites in the basement of their shacks.
Anyway, I hope we all can continue to live peacefully with each other, and save the orang utans while we’re at it.

Best quote: “I suppose I got away with it” – Former PM Tun Mahathir, on the amendment to the constitution which was done under his tenure as prime minister


Thursday, January 19, 2006


Excerpt from The Star:

"On Tuesday, Jawi director Che Mat Che Ali announced that 75 people had signed up to be part of the Putrajaya Islamic Council Volunteers Squad, which would look out for people performing “indecent acts”, such as couples showing affection in public, including holding hands."

THANK GOD the cabinet stepped in and issued a blanket ban such 'vigilante' groups. A similar group was told to disband in Melaka only months before amid much publicity. I mean, are these gomen officials THICK, DAFT or darn STUBBORN? There are so many things wrong with this proposal, one wonders what is the promotion criteria in the FT JAWI.

Since when did SPYING ON OTHER PEOPLE become a tool for MORAL POLICING? Isn't spying or even menjaga tepi kain orang considered inappropriate in our culture in the first place? If they insist on arresting couples holding hands, then I guess they should start watching malay dramas and movies more and take down the names of the actors as well as the producers and directors who made them do it. While they're at it, why don't they arrest the Prime Minister, for I have seen him hold the hand of his beloved late wife in public (including Putrajaya)on many occasions, and no one can question the passion and affection is displayed by the loving couple back then.

As for the various legal and social implications, its such a long list that I wont bother.

For this, FT JAWI, you are hereby dumped into Please Flush After Use's BOG OF SHAME.


Monday, January 16, 2006



If that is not INSANE, then Ellie Yousef Najem is really the third richest man IN THE WORLD! I'm in JB by the way, currently sitting here watching the sun set over Singapore.Quick, think of an irony!

Can't think of any.

Another Way To Waste Taxpayers' Money
I'm here for a workshop to draft some daft legislation that MY state government will outright reject and protest if it goes through. We started today, and will only finish on Wednesday. But from the way things are turning out, I doubt we'll get anything resolved.There's thirty of us anyway, and all of us are residing in this five-star hoel for three nights. Add the airfare and meals, you could feed a small army of starving terrorist operatives in Washington. Oh, they're also known as unpaid interns.

I'm Just a Lightweight...
Blogger : I have no desire to be a celeblogger (can I copyright that, or has it been taken?). A Celeblogger (Patent Pending) has big responsibilities. They can't diss disabled people as they please, they can't get their facts wrong, and worse still, they need to blog on a daily basis. Except for Amir Hafizi, but since he's the Pimp Masta G he can get away with most things, 'cept flu.

Policy maker: I'm in a room with 30 Ketua Pengarahs, their Timbalans, and senior members of the bureaucracy who's old enough to remember what colour was the sky before the Indons discovered oil palm plantations. I feel so insignificant.

Musician : After years of neglect, I finally restrung my guitar and fiddled about with it last week. Rusty is an understatement, I can't even play my favourite songs anymore. Not without sounding like a total idiot.

Crap. Its dinnertime. And then back to the workshop. Toodle-doo!


Friday, December 30, 2005

Whaddid I Tellya??

Pyramid flag plan hits snag

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian authorities suffered a setback on Wednesday in their plan to send a 35-member team to drape Egypt’s Great Pyramid at Giza with the flags of the world’s 57 Muslim countries.
The Star, 30 December 2005

Come on, it survived the Romans, Napoleon, Italians, French, British...

You think some village idiots from here can just plant drape the jalur gemilang around the most recognized symbol from Egypt? Are we so big-headed over our OIC presidency that we think we can get away with defiling another member country's NATIONAL MONUMENT? Yes, I say DEFILING because IMAGINE a bunch of, er, say...Egyptians (supposing its their turn being the president of OIC) were to come here and drape or hang a gigantic Egyptian flag between the Petronas Twin Towers....would we like that?

Thank God Zahi Hawass said no, though there is virtually no chance anyone would have said yes, unless they're in the same intellectual level as this 'expedition's' organizers and sponsors. Developed state my foot.

What if a bunch of aliens were to land in Egypt, after learning of the pyramids thousands of light years ago, only to find it draped with a jalur gemilang instead?

I say, how can come people be so BODOH one, and most amazingly, how did this project get as far as the DPM announcing it? If I were Najib, I'd distance myself from this and come up with an excuse, any excuse over agreeing and supporting this project...

e.g. "I'm sorry, I thought they meant to plant GRAPES in Egypt and take a guided tour of the Pyramids while they were there..."

What is the chance for a 30 year old like me, with an IQ of 140, of changing the Malay mindset, when they still come up with stupid shit like this?

Bodoh Tak Terkata.